Lettuce Lake Spring USA


  • To discover Lettuce Lake Spring, start at the intersection of Harney Road and US 301 in Tampa, Florida.
  • Drive south on US 301 for approximately 1.1 miles until you reach a junction with a small access road on the east side of US 301.
  • Turn east (left) onto this road, and you’ll find Lettuce Lake approximately 500 feet to the north of the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) office complex along US 301 in Tampa.
  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 28.017911, -82.350333
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Description of Lettuce Lake Spring

  • Lettuce Lake Spring is situated within Lettuce Lake, a shallow and crystal-clear water lake.
  • The lake’s bottom is covered with dark detritus, providing a unique underwater landscape.
  • Lettuce Lake boasts a diameter of 150 feet, offering ample space for exploration.
  • The spring vent, where the water originates, is located at the center of the lake and reaches a depth of 8.8 feet.
  • During a visit in March 2003, it appeared that the spring was not flowing, and there was no observable boil on the spring’s surface.

Natural Features

  • A notable feature of Lettuce Lake is a 6-foot-high berm that runs along the lake’s southern side.
  • In the past, the natural spring run used to flow southward out of the lake before canal construction.
  • However, the berm now obstructs the natural outflow, causing water to exit the pool in a southwestward direction.
  • This water flows through a 200-foot-long canal, which is 1 foot deep and 6 feet wide.
  • Subsequently, it enters a slightly larger canal that extends an additional 650 feet southward before eventually connecting to the Tampa Bypass Canal.


What is the size of Lettuce Lake, where the cave is located?

Lettuce Lake has a diameter of 150 feet, providing ample space for exploration.

Does Lettuce Lake Spring Cave have flowing water or a visible boil on the surface?

During some observations, Lettuce Lake Spring Cave did not display flowing water, and there was no observable boil on the spring’s surface.

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