Lithia Springs Major USA

Lithia Spring Major, nestled within the serene Lithia Springs County Park, beckons you to uncover its beauty and tranquility. This guide offers a detailed look at this captivating spring, with insights inspired by Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 27.865997, -82.231191
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Closed
  • Type:

Starting Point: Begin your journey from the intersection of SR 60 and SR 640, southeast of Brandon.

Southern Route: Drive south on SR 640, known as Lithia-Pinecrest Road, for approximately 6.4 miles.

Crossing the Alafia River: As you approach the bridge over the Alafia River, continue for an additional 0.6 miles.

Turning West: Make a right turn onto Lithia Springs Road, and follow this road for approximately 1.5 miles until you reach the park entrance.

Park Admission

Entry Fee: Admission to Lithia Springs County Park costs just $1.00 per person, providing you with access to Lithia Spring Major and the park’s natural wonders.

Exploring Lithia Spring Major

Pool of Enchantment: Lithia Spring Major is embraced by a large, man-modified spring pool that invites exploration. The pool spans an impressive 168 feet from north to south and 180 feet from east to west, with a depth of 8.2 feet over the vent.

Crystal Clear Waters: The spring’s waters are a mesmerizing clear, blue-green, and the pool bottom is predominantly sandy, with occasional limestone exposure near the vent.

Easy Access: Steep retaining walls surround the spring pool, featuring several access stairways that guide you down into the refreshing waters.

Protected Vent: In the center of the pool, the vent is secured by a barred metal barricade to prevent entry, preserving the spring’s integrity.

Flowing Harmony: A clear, sandy spring run extends eastward for approximately 200 feet before gracefully turning south, flowing roughly 750 feet into the tannic Alafia River. The run hosts some algae and aquatic vegetation, adding to its natural allure.

Park Setting

Developed County Park: The land surrounding Lithia Spring Major is a developed county park, ensuring a pleasant environment for your visit.

Exploring Lithia Spring Minor

Confluence with Alafia River: Lithia Spring Minor joins the Alafia River approximately 100 feet downstream from Lithia Spring Major.

Diving Information

Restricted Access: Access to the spring system is limited to a 3-foot-diameter pipe leading from the pump house to the spring, primarily used for bottling water. Divers from the bottling company do periodically descend through the pipe for their work.

No Permanent Line: It’s important to note that there is no permanent line in the system, adding to the exploration’s adventurous nature.

Prepare to experience the serenity and beauty of Lithia Spring Major in Lithia Springs County Park. Whether you’re admiring the spring pool, relaxing in the run, or exploring through the pipe, this is a natural retreat that promises an unforgettable escape.


Can I go diving in Lithia Spring Major?

No, diving is not permitted in Lithia Spring Major. The vent is protected by a metal barricade to preserve the spring’s integrity.

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