Mary’s Sink USA

If you’re on a quest to explore the beauty of Hernando County, don’t miss Mary’s Sink, a captivating geological feature located just to the east of Joe’s Sink, both nestled along Highway 50. Let’s dive into what makes this location special and what you should know before you embark on your adventure.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 28.531584, -82.543349
  • Depth: 58 ft
  • Remarks: Closed
  • Type: Cave, OW

Location and Surroundings

Mary’s Sink finds its place in the vicinity of several other notable sites, including Nursery Sink, Diepoler II, Diepoler III, and the intriguing Lost 40.

Temperature Insights

When you venture into Mary’s Sink, expect an average system temperature of around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This information can be crucial for planning your visit and ensuring you’re adequately prepared.

Exploring the Sink

As you descend into Mary’s Sink, exercise caution, as it’s a relatively small and silt-filled space. It’s advisable always to have a guideline in place for safety.

Underground Features

The surface pool of Mary’s Sink reveals three solution tubes leading to a remarkable ~20-foot disc-shaped chamber. Inside this chamber, you’ll find a piece of rebar embedded in the floor, with a line extending southward into the silt. There’s a rumor that this line connects Mary’s Sink with Joe’s Sink, but this has yet to be officially verified.

Local Insight

Keep in mind that Mary’s Sink and its neighboring Joe’s Sink are popular hangout spots for local teenagers, who often use Joe’s Sink as a swimming hole. While this can add to the charm of the area, it’s important to be respectful of the local community and their enjoyment of these natural wonders.

As you prepare to explore Mary’s Sink, remember to prioritize safety, respect the environment, and relish the unique beauty that this hidden gem in Hernando County has to offer.


How deep is the cave?

Mary’s Sink varies in depth, but it is typically around 58 feet deep.

Are guided tours available at Mary’s Sink?

No, Mary’s Sink is not typically part of guided tour packages, so it’s important to plan your visit independently.

Is swimming allowed in Mary’s Sink?

Yes, you can swim in Mary’s Sink, but be mindful of the local community, as it’s a popular hangout spot for teenagers.

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