Mermaid’s Hole Ireland

Explore the depths of Doolin Green Holes, a captivating saga of cave diving that unveils the mysteries of one of the longest marine caves globally. Pioneered by renowned cave divers, the exploration began with Ian Rolland’s groundbreaking 430m dive in 1987, leading to the discovery of Pirates Paradise, a dry chamber adorned with a fine straw gallery.

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Farr and Judd’s Pursuit: A Quest for Underwater Wonders

Building on Rolland’s achievements, Martyn Farr and Brian Judd continued the exploration, rapidly expanding the cave’s length to 700m in the same year. Venturing off the main route, they discovered Merrows Mirth, another dry chamber at 820m, hinting at further possibilities awaiting exploration.

Navigating the Abyss: A Journey Beyond 900m

In 1991, Martyn Farr pushed the boundaries, reaching an impressive 900m. The expedition encountered a seemingly impassable low section, a mere 25cm in height, posing a potential end to the journey. However, two years later, Brian Judd’s perseverance prevailed as he navigated the squeeze, extending the exploration to 935m, unveiling a junction and another challenging low section. The story of Doolin Green Holes continues, beckoning adventurers to uncover its hidden wonders.

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