Moraig Spain

Discover the charm of the Benitachell Underwater Cave, where access is surprisingly easy. While a swim in the sea is required to reach the entrance, no boat is necessary, offering a serene entry into the cave. Nestled in the picturesque village of Benitachell, near the beach car park, a protected basin provides a tranquil starting point, shielding visitors from waves and sand.

  • Region: Alicante
  • Coordinates: 38.70829, 0.16604
  • Depth: 98 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Natural Wonders Unveiled: Mediterranean Origin and Cave Structure

What sets this freshwater cave apart is its origin in the Mediterranean Sea. The journey begins with a swim of approximately 100m along the cliff face from the basin entrance. Once inside, the cave reveals its unique beauty, with a striking view of the 100m-high cliff. To navigate further, explorers follow water conduit pipes and hoses leading deeper into the cave.

Cave Exploration Tips: From Entrance to Depths

The initial 200m of the cave features spacious tunnels with a diameter of around 5m, though not entirely pristine. Human debris and remnants are scattered, marking the impact of past visitors. The true depth of the cave, reaching below 30m, is only encountered after 600m of exploration, providing a thrilling journey beyond the entrance.


What is the depth of the Moraig Underwater Cave?

The cave extends below 30m, with the larger tunnels in the initial 200m offering a spacious environment for exploration.

What are the water conditions inside the Moraig Underwater Cave?

The water in the cave is not always pristine, with some debris present in the initial stretch. The Mediterranean origin provides a unique clarity, allowing for stunning views of the underwater cave system.

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