Morgan Spring USA

Morgan Spring, a natural wonder worth discovering, is nestled approximately 3.2 miles to the northwest of Ellaville, along the northern Withlacoochee River. To reach this captivating spot, begin at the intersection of US 90 and CR 141, located just north of Ellaville. From there, head eastward on CR 141, covering a distance of approximately 1.8 miles until you arrive at the bridge spanning the Withlacoochee River. Morgan Spring awaits on the east bank, about 2.5 miles north of the SR 141 bridge.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.419966, -83.20724
  • Depth: 208 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Morgan Spring Dam and Pool

Morgan Spring boasts a man-made dam, extending approximately 9.0 feet, which artfully encloses the spring and creates a picturesque spring pool. Surrounding this inviting pool is a spacious wooden deck that enhances the spring’s allure.

Spring Pool Details

The spring pool itself is oval in shape, measuring an impressive 81.0 feet in length and 66.0 feet in width. When it comes to depth, you can expect it to plunge to around 19.2 feet, although Hornsby and Ceryak (1998) reported a maximum depth of a remarkable 80 feet during their exploration.

Conditions and Environment

During a September 2002 visit, the water in Morgan Spring appeared dark, with limited visibility. The spring pool was entirely blanketed with duckweed, and no surface boil was visible at that time.

Spring Run and Surroundings

The spring run meanders northwest, stretching about 400 feet until it gracefully meets the Withlacoochee River. Along this journey, you’ll encounter large limestone boulders and serene, slow-moving waters covered in a gentle layer of duckweed. The surroundings of Morgan Spring are densely forested, providing a tranquil and picturesque natural setting.

Topography and Private Land

The elevation of the land surrounding the spring varies, with heights ranging from 3 feet to the east to 25 feet to the northeast, above the pool. Just 150 feet southwest of the spring, you’ll find a house, and Morgan Spring is embraced by private landowners.

Discharge and Cave Exploration

Notably, on June 10, 1998, the measured discharge at Morgan Spring was 17.59 cubic feet per second. Additionally, this spring harbors an intriguing aquatic cave system that has been explored by adventurous divers, adding to its allure and mystery.

Morgan Spring is a unique natural gem in Florida, offering a serene and captivating experience for those who seek to explore its wonders.

Morgan Spring USA


How deep is Morgan Spring Cave?

Morgan Spring Cave reaches a maximum depth of approximately 208 feet.

Can anyone explore Morgan Spring Cave?

Exploration of Morgan Spring Cave typically requires experienced divers due to its aquatic cave system.

What is the water condition inside Morgan Spring Cave?

During a September 2002 visit, the water in Morgan Spring Cave was dark with limited visibility, and the spring pool was covered in duckweed.

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