Nereo Cave Italy

Nereo Cave, an awe-inspiring underwater sea-cave nestled on the Coral Riviera of Alghero, Italy, invites divers into its mythical depths. Situated northwest of Sardinia, this marine wonder was aptly named after Nereus, the legendary Old Man of the Sea and father of the Nereids.

  • Region: Sardegna
  • Coordinates: 40.560833, 8.163889
  • Depth: 115 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Subterranean Wonders

Under the towering limestone cliffs of Capo Caccia, just 100 meters north of Neptune’s Grotto, lies the largest marine cave in the Mediterranean. Explore the vastness of Nereo Cave with multiple entrances, arches, and tunnels, offering diving experiences from 0 to 35 meters. The cave’s walls are adorned with the vibrant hues of red coral and yellow leptosamnia.

Marine Sanctuary: A Living Ecosystem

Part of the Marine Reserve established in 2003, Nereo Cave, along with Punta Giglio and Porto Conte Bay, shelters a thriving Mediterranean ecosystem. Dive into waters teeming with diverse marine life, including groupers, lobsters, congers, moray eels, and a bustling community of crustaceans, making it a captivating destination for underwater enthusiasts.

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