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Situated east of Madura Pass, approximately 1400 kilometers east of Perth, Roe Plain Underwater Cave captivates explorers in the limestone-rich terrain. The cave benefits from the proximity of the limestone surface to the water table, creating a unique subterranean landscape.

  • Region: Nullarbor
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  • Type: Cave

Intricate Fissure Network

The underwater cave unfolds as a complex network of intersecting fissures, featuring generally small breakdown passages. Distinct bedding planes at 3, 5, and 7 meters reveal breathtaking horizontal elliptical phreatic passages and low, flat passages, seamlessly connecting the intricate fissure system.

Unique Geological Features

The cave’s underwater allure extends to its distinctive features, with a maximum depth reaching a 7-meter bedding plane. The explored underwater passage spans an impressive length of 410 meters (as of 4/02), showcasing the extensive wonders concealed beneath the surface.

Chilly and Saline Waters

Roe Plain Underwater Cave offers a chilly aquatic environment with a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. The saline water, measuring at 18,000ppm salt (compared to sea water at 19,000ppm), imparts a distinctive blue hue, reminiscent of nearby Tommy Grahams Cave to the west.

Rich Biodiversity

Of particular interest to speleological biologists, this cave boasts the highest number of troglobitic animal species on the Nullarbor. Among them are two distinct types of troglobitic spiders, a troglobitic cockroach, an isopod, and an amphipod—a testament to the unique biodiversity thriving within its confines.

Roe Plain Underwater Cave beckons adventurers to explore its intricate fissures, revealing not just geological wonders but also a thriving ecosystem that adds a layer of biological intrigue to this captivating subterranean world.

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