Olwolgin Cave Australia

Unveiled by dry cavers in April 2001, Olwolgin Cave embraced its underwater destiny in January 2002, revealing over 300 meters of submerged conduits. The subsequent exploration in February of the same year expanded the underwater passages to a staggering 1.3 kilometers, with ongoing leads and surveying awaiting completion.

  • Region: Nullarbor
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  • Type: Cave

Unique Underwater Features

Named after a nearby bluff on the Roe Plain escarpment, Olwolgin Cave stands as a captivating and visually stunning cave dive. The high salinity of the water, akin to Nurina Cave, creates mesmerizing haloclines, offering divers an immersive experience with amazing visual distortions.

Geological Marvels

Blending Nurina’s sculpted fissures with Tommy Graham’s main conduits, Olwolgin Cave reveals a structure characterized by parallel fissures. Numerous small side passages branch off, leading to low, flat, sculpted bedding plane passages that add to the overall allure of this subterranean wonder.

The Enigmatic Babylon Lake

At the heart of Olwolgin Cave lies Babylon, a massive lake christened by Andy Nelson for its tree-root-adorned surface that drapes into the water. The air in the lake chamber, though noxious, remains a subject of mystery, suspected to have high CO2 levels and possibly H2S, awaiting further scientific exploration.

Amphipod Inhabitants

The diminutive entrance lake hosts a vibrant population of amphipod crustaceans, adding a touch of life to the submerged beauty of Olwolgin Cave. Dive into the depths and explore the wonders that await beneath the surface of this captivating underwater realm.

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