Owens Spring USA

Owens Spring, a hidden gem of nature, is nestled on SRWMD (Suwannee River Water Management District) land, approximately 8 miles to the east of Mayo, Florida. To reach this enchanting spot, follow the directions below:

  1. Starting Point: Begin your journey at the intersection of US 27 and SR 51 in Mayo.
  2. Heading East: Drive eastward on US 27 for about 6.8 miles until you reach the intersection with CR 251.
  3. Turning East: Take a left (east) onto CR 251, and continue your drive for approximately 2 miles until the road takes a 90-degree turn to the north.
  4. Northbound Adventure: Keep driving north on CR 251 for roughly 0.7 miles until you reach the road’s end, which leads to a boat landing.
  5. Final Stretch: The Owens Spring pool is approximately 0.25 miles east of the CR 251B boat ramp along the picturesque Suwannee River.
  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.045944, -83.041125
  • Depth: 45 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

A Closer Look at Owens Spring

Description of the Spring Pool:

  • Owens Spring’s pool boasts dimensions of 114 ft from north to south and 87 ft from east to west.
  • The pool is relatively shallow, with depths of less than 8 ft, except for the deepest point at the vent, which plunges to a remarkable 31.3 ft deep.
  • You’ll find the vent concealed beneath a submerged limestone ledge on the southwest side of the pool.
  • The water in Owens Spring possesses a crystal-clear, bluish to slightly tannic hue.
  • Aquatic vegetation is minimal, with a predominantly rocky and sandy bottom.
  • The pool substrates are adorned with thick patches of dark green filamentous algae, covering more than half of the area.

Topographical Features:

  • Owens Spring is characterized by steep limestone and sand banks.
  • The west and north banks rise dramatically, soaring to approximately 20 ft higher than the water surface.
  • In July 2002, the spring featured a brief run with steep sandy banks, flowing approximately 125 ft northeast into a siphon.
  • During this time, the spring’s flow was minimal, maintaining remarkable clarity and averaging less than 1 ft in depth.

Flow Patterns and Surroundings:

  • Owens Spring, at higher water levels, meanders overland through a lowland corridor leading to the Suwannee River.
  • This intermittent channel is punctuated with sinkholes and karst windows, frequently revealing limestone formations along its course.
  • A gated sand road provides access to the spring’s south side, offering a small gravel parking area for visitors.
  • The surrounding lands are a lush forested landscape, adorned with a mix of hardwoods and pines, creating a tranquil and natural ambiance.


How deep is Owens Spring?

The depth of Owens Spring varies, with the pool being generally less than 8 feet deep, except at the deepest point near the vent, where it reaches about 45 feet in depth.

Where is Owens Spring located?

Owens Spring is located on SRWMD (Suwannee River Water Management District) land, approximately 8 miles east of Mayo, Florida, USA.

What can I expect to see at Owens Spring?

At Owens Spring, you’ll find clear bluish to slightly tannic water with minimal aquatic vegetation. The pool has rocky and sandy bottoms, along with patches of dark green filamentous algae. The surrounding area features steep limestone and sand banks, offering a serene natural setting for exploration.

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