Peacock Springs – Peacock III USA

Peacock Springs, a sought-after destination for cave diving enthusiasts, is nestled just 2 miles east of Luraville. To embark on this adventure, begin your journey at the junction of SR 51 and Luraville Road in Luraville. Proceed east on Luraville Road for approximately 2 miles until you reach the entrance of Peacock Spring State Park.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.12203, -83.13214
  • Depth: 214 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Unveiling Peacock Springs

Picture Peacock Springs as it reveals its allure through three distinct vents, nestled in a pool spanning 150 feet in length and 90 feet in width. The spring’s depth is a variable wonder, boasting an average of 5 feet deep across much of the pool area, yet plunging to remarkable depths of up to 40 feet. An intriguing feature near the pool’s northern end is the entrance to the cave, marked by wooden steps leading to a limestone shelf that dips into the water to a depth of 20 feet. The water itself presents a striking clarity, adorned with mesmerizing shades of blue.

Flow and Surroundings

The elongated pool of Peacock Springs gracefully transforms into a gentle run, spanning 15 feet in width and maintaining a depth of 1 foot. This enchanting stream journeys southward for approximately 1.5 miles until it joins the Suwannee River. The pool’s periphery is accentuated by a steep 5-foot limestone ledge, which then transitions into a sprawling hardwood forest under state ownership. As you explore this forested expanse, you’ll encounter several sinkholes that add to the park’s geological marvels.

The Subterranean Connection

Peacock Springs boasts more than meets the eye – an intricate network of caves that interconnect with neighboring sinkholes and springs. This subterranean realm offers a captivating opportunity for those skilled in cave diving to delve into its mysterious depths, uncovering the secrets hidden within its passages.

Peacock III cave map


How deep is Peacock III Cave at Peacock Springs?

Peacock III Cave at Peacock Springs reaches a depth of about 214 feet.

Is Peacock III Cave open to the public for diving?

Yes, Peacock III Cave is open to certified cave divers for exploration.

What is the notable feature of Peacock III Cave?

Peacock III Cave features a wooden step entrance leading to a limestone shelf, making it a unique diving experience.

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