Pearse Resurgence New Zealand

Nettlebed Cave, nestled in the Mount Arthur region of New Zealand’s enchanting northwest South Island, is a captivating limestone cave with a rich history of exploration. Until the discovery of the nearby Ellis Basin cave system in April 2010, it proudly held the title of the southern hemisphere’s deepest cave.

  • Region: Tasman
  • Coordinates: -41.22045, 172.76198
  • Depth: 803 ft
  • Remarks: Nettlebed Cave
  • Type: Cave

Unveiling Nettlebed’s Depths

Plunging a remarkable 889 meters below its upper entrance, Blizzard Pot, to the lower exit, Pearse Resurgence, Nettlebed Cave stands as a testament to nature’s hidden wonders. With a sprawling network of 24 kilometers of cave passages, it proudly claims the spot as New Zealand’s third-longest cave.

Journey into the Depths

In 1969, intrepid cavers embarked on the first exploration of Nettlebed Cave, venturing through the dry overflow passage of a majestic spring cascading into the Pearse River. By 1973, 1.3 kilometers of passages had been meticulously mapped. The path to further exploration was opened in 1979 when the challenging flowstone squeeze, aptly named the Hinkle-horn-honking-holes, was successfully navigated.

Christmas Expeditions and Underground Camps

A series of five consecutive Christmas expeditions, spanning from 1979-80 to 1983-84, marked a pivotal era. These expeditions, based at the underground camp in Salvation Hall, led to the exploration and mapping of an additional 20 kilometers of the cave’s intricate passages.

Connecting Realms: Blizzard Pot

The year 1986 witnessed the fusion of Nettlebed Cave with another underground marvel, Blizzard Pot. This connection provided an upper entrance, expanding the accessibility and intrigue of the entire cave system.

Diving into the Abyss

On March 21, 2007, an international team of cave divers achieved a remarkable feat in the Pearse Resurgence, setting a New Zealand cave diving record by reaching an astonishing depth of 177 meters (581 feet below ground level).

Nettlebed Cave, with its mesmerizing depths and labyrinthine passages, continues to beckon adventurers into the heart of New Zealand’s subterranean wonders.

Surviving the Depths: A Challenging Dive in Pearse Resurgence Cave


How deep is Pearse Resurgence cave?

Pearse Resurgence reaches a depth of 245 meters below ground level, showcasing its impressive subterranean dimensions.

What is the water temperature inside Pearse Resurgence cave?

The water in Pearse Resurgence maintains a cool temperature, providing a unique diving experience with temperatures typically ranging from 7 to 12 degrees Celsius (45 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit).

How clear is the water in Pearse Resurgence?

The water clarity in Pearse Resurgence is exceptional, offering divers a crystal-clear view of the underwater wonders within its depths.

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