Piccaninnie Ponds Australia

Explore the wonders of Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park, nestled just 30 kilometers southeast of Mount Gambier in the captivating Limestone Coast of South Australia. Unveiling crystal-clear waters filtered through limestone substrates for millennia, this park offers a unique landscape of interconnected ponds with fascinating underwater features.


  • Region: South Australia
  • Coordinates: -38.047787, 140.942617
  • Depth: 130 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave, Cavern

Two Enchanting Ponds: Natural Marvels Unveiled

The main ponds, intricately linked and separated by a lush weed-covered wall, showcase the pristine beauty of nature’s filtration system. The first pond, resembling a water-filled doline, boasts a collapsed limestone cave the size of two basketball courts, reaching a depth of approximately 13 meters. It’s a habitat for native freshwater fish, nestled among reeds and aquatic weed.

The Chasm: A Breathtaking Underwater Canyon

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey across the first shallow lake to witness the Chasm, a 35-meter deep narrow underwater canyon with sheer walls. The daring can explore further, encountering the perilous ‘Cork Screw’ at the canyon’s bottom. On the west side, scuba divers can enter the ‘Cathedral,’ a stunning underwater cavern with pristine white limestone walls, presenting an unforgettable subaquatic spectacle.

Safety First: Permits and Certifications

To explore the wonders of Piccaninnie Ponds, a permit from the South Australian Department of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources is mandatory. Snorkelers and scuba divers must secure bookings in advance. Scuba divers should possess a Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) approved Deep Cavern Diver certification to obtain the required permit. Safety measures ensure a memorable and secure exploration of this natural wonder.

Piccaninnie Ponds Australia
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