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Plura Cave, also known as Pluragrotta, is a cave system located in Rana, Norway. It is the deepest cave in Northern Europe, with a maximum depth of over 130 meters. Plura Cave is a popular destination for experienced cave divers, despite its dangers. The cave’s passages were formed by the flow of the Plura river over limestone, and the cave system includes marble formations. A number of species have been identified in the cave ecosystem. The cave is known for its stunning sea walls and several caves and tunnels, some of which lead to the open sea. The cave is also filled with long, colorful passages that are admired by diving hobbyists. However, the cave’s narrow and difficult passages, ice-cold, pitch-black water, and sharp edges make it extremely dangerous even for the most experienced cave divers in the world. The extreme depth of the cave, freezing temperature of the water, and dark and narrow sections can damage dry suits and disorient divers

  • Region: Rana
  • Coordinates: 66.2846756,14.2365204
  • Depth: 443 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

What is the History of Plura Cave

The cave’s passages were formed by the flow of the Plura River over porous limestone, and the cave system includes marble formations. Diving became possible in Plura Cave with the damming of Lake Kallvatnet in the 1960s. 

Plura Cave Map

Plura Cave Map

What is the water temperature in Plura Cave

The water temperature in Plura Cave varies depending on the season, but it is generally very cold. The temperature of the water is around 4-5°C in the summer and goes down to 2°C during the winter.

What is the visibility like in Plura Cave

Divers are able to see up to 66 feet (20 meters) in the cave’s waters. Another source states that the visibility is 8-100 meters with an average of 30 meters. A third source mentions that normal visibility in the cave is up to 40 meters, and during the winter, the visibility is even better.

Plura Cave Tragedy

In 2014, Plura Cave was the site of a diving tragedy in which two Finnish divers lost their lives and three others were hospitalized due to decompression sickness.

Other accidents:

Kate Thompson, an ardent cave diver, her boyfriend Andrew Rantanen, and their friend Davis, equipped with specialized gear, ventured into the cave’s mesmerizing labyrinth of passages and chambers.

As they explored the cave’s stunning beauty, tragedy struck during their return journey. Kate became entangled in a rope at a depth of 200 feet, triggering panic and a desperate rescue effort.

Despite Andrew’s valiant attempts, Kate’s life could not be saved. With limited oxygen, he reluctantly ascended, leaving Kate behind. The mission transitioned into a heart-wrenching recovery, leaving friends and family devastated. Plura Cave, with its unforgiving nature, had claimed another life.

Plura Cave Disaster Movie

Plura Cave remains a popular destination for experienced cave divers, but it also highlights the importance of proper training, equipment, and safety precautions in such challenging underwater environments.


How deep is Plura Cave?

Plura Cave is approximately 134 meters (440 feet) deep, making it one of the deepest underwater caves in Norway.

Can anyone visit Plura Cave?

Plura Cave is primarily a destination for experienced cave divers. Visitors must be certified cave divers and have proper training to explore its underwater passages.

What makes Plura Cave unique?

Plura Cave is known for its crystal-clear water, stunning underwater formations, and a submerged, ancient forest, which makes it a popular spot for cave diving enthusiasts seeking a unique underwater adventure.

What happened at Plura cave?

A tragic incident occurred at Plura Cave in February 2014, where two experienced cave divers lost their lives during an exploration. The divers, along with a group, were attempting to explore the cave system, which involves navigating through submerged tunnels and tight spaces. They encountered challenging conditions and ran into difficulties, leading to a tragic accident.

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