Poulatar Cavern Ireland

Kilgobnet Cavern stands as a distinctive spot in Ireland, truly earning the title of a cavern. Nestled in natural stone and filled with crystal clear water, the cavern’s beauty might momentarily transport you, challenging the typical expectations of underwater visibility in Ireland.

  • Region: Tipperary
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave, Cavern

Navigational Considerations: Smooth Rocks and Low Entrances

Inside the cavern, smooth rocks define the environment, with limited belay points. While laying a line is feasible, caution is advised with thin technical lines prone to entanglement. The right-hand entrance requires comfort with low sections, a characteristic familiar to Irish “cave” divers but potentially challenging for “cavern” divers.

Unique Features: Deep Section and Submerged Tree

Beyond the low entrance, Kilgobnet Cavern opens into a narrow but deeper section, reaching approximately 12 meters. A fascinating feature observed in the past was an old submerged tree spanning the deep passage. Divers should exercise care and navigate over the tree. Scalloping in the cavern walls adds to the visual allure, making it an ideal destination for recreational overhead dives.

Circular Exploration: From Entrance to Exit

The cavern’s layout takes divers on a circular journey, leading from the entrance to a narrow passage with scalloped walls. Trending towards the other exit, this passage eventually opens into the same pool of water where the adventure began. Kilgobnet Cavern offers a delightful underwater experience, combining unique features and natural beauty for an enjoyable dive.

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