Pozo Azul Spain

Pozo Azul stands out as Europe’s top choice for cave training, particularly favored by Spanish cave instructors. The entrance, located just 150 meters from the car park in the charming village of Covenera, North of Burgos, welcomes visitors with a clear blue basin.

  • Region: Castilla y León
  • Coordinates: 42.73761, -3.80029
  • Depth: 233 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Scenic Exploration with Dry Sections

The cave boasts a captivating 300-meter long dry section separating the first and second sumps. While much of this section can be navigated in the water, about 30 meters present a more challenging terrain between the sumps. The first sump, reaching a maximum depth of 21 meters (average around 10 meters), offers an enchanting journey with high floor-to-ceiling profiles, meandering approximately 700 meters to the dry section.

Ongoing Exploration and Impressive Depths

The second sump, wider than the first, has a lower flow that allows silt to accumulate on the floor and walls. Currently under active exploration, notably by Jason Mallinson in 2007, this second sump has been extended to an impressive 3530 meters, reaching a maximum depth of 71 meters. The beige-colored walls adorned with salient cracks and formations provide an exhilarating experience for scooter rides.

Pozo Azul cave


How deep is Pozo Azul cave?

Pozo Azul cave descends to a maximum depth of 71 meters.

What is the water temperature in Pozo Azul cave?

The water in Pozo Azul cave offers a cool and refreshing experience.

Is the water clear in Pozo Azul cave?

Yes, the water in Pozo Azul cave is crystal clear, enhancing visibility and the overall exploration experience.

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