Rainbow Springs USA

Rainbow Springs Group, nestled approximately 3.5 miles north of Dunnellon, forms the mesmerizing headwaters of the Rainbow River. To access this aquatic paradise, journey from Dunnellon by heading north on US 41 for about 3.7 miles until you spot a prominent sign indicating the entrance to Rainbow Springs State Park. Turn right onto 83rd Place Road and travel 0.8 miles to the parking area near the river’s head.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.102139, -82.437779
  • Depth: 22 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cavern, OW

The Diverse Springscape

Visualize Rainbow Springs Group shaping the remarkable Rainbow River, flowing gently for around 5.7 miles before meeting the Withlacoochee River. The surrounding landscape features picturesque high sand hills adorned with pine forests, agricultural expanses, and developed regions.

Rainbow Springs Group Highlights

Rainbow No. 1

Delve into the wonders of Rainbow No. 1, a captivating spring at the river’s head. With a pool spanning 330 feet north to south and 360 feet east to west, this spring showcases multiple vents. The main vent’s depth reaches 9.9 feet, unveiling a sandy bottom punctuated by occasional limestone boulders. The water, clear and blue, forms a distinctive boil over the main vent. While motorized boats are prohibited, canoes and kayaks offer access. Enjoy designated swimming spots on the west side while appreciating the encompassing live oak and pine forest.

Rainbow No. 4

Encounter Rainbow No. 4, situated approximately 350 feet downstream from Spring No. 1. This circular spring pool, around 75 feet in diameter, springs from a conical depression beneath the river’s bed. Its vent depth measures 10.9 feet, and the water appears clear with a pale blue hue. A serene presence of aquatic grasses characterizes this pool within the State Park’s no-motorized-boat zone.

Rainbow No. 6

Further downstream lies Rainbow No. 6, adjacent to the south bank and about 0.4 miles from the headwaters. This spring emerges from the river’s depths, forming a captivating boil on the surface. The pool measures roughly 60 feet north to south and 75 feet east to west, boasting a vent depth of 16.9 feet. Aquatic grasses sway, while a touch of exotic vegetation graces the south side of the pool.

Bubbling Spring

Experience Bubbling Spring as it gracefully joins the Rainbow River from the east, around 200 feet downstream from Spring No. 4. This spring pool spans 45 feet north to south and 75 feet east to west, with a shallow depth of 2.8 feet over the vent. The water issues from a limestone crevice, producing a distinctive boil. Rich aquatic vegetation thrives here, with a tranquil forested canopy embracing the scene.

Preserving Nature’s Treasures

Rainbow Springs Group’s uppermost stretch lies within Rainbow Springs State Park, inviting visitors to explore its interpretive and recreational offerings while preserving the pristine environment. The east side downstream from the park is state-protected, while the west side features private lots and homes, harmonizing with the riverside beauty.

Rainbow Springs area map


How deep is Rainbow Springs Cave?

Rainbow Springs Cave reaches depths that vary, with its main vent being approximately 22 feet deep

Can the public explore Rainbow Springs Cave?

No, Rainbow Springs Cave is not open to public exploration due to safety reasons.

What are the notable springs in Rainbow Springs Cave?

Notable springs in Rainbow Springs Cave include Rainbow No. 1, Rainbow No. 4, and Rainbow No. 6.

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