Rinquelle Switzerland

The Rinquelle, situated in the karst area of Churfirsten-Säntisgebiet, stands as the most significant Karst spring in the region. It forms part of the impressive 600-meter drop of the Serenbach, featuring a series of three subsequent drops that contribute to one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. At the base of the steep cliff, the Serenbach creates the scenic Serenbachschlucht gorge before flowing into the Walensee.

  • Region: Amden
  • Coordinates: 47.138638, 9.164636
  • Depth: 115 ft
  • Remarks: Rin Spring
  • Type: Cave

Cave Entrance Marvel at the Rinquelle

Nestled at the foot of the waterfall’s lowest segment, a 48-meter high vertical cliff hosts the cave entrance for the Rinquelle. This cavernous opening releases a formidable torrent of water, making it a spectacular sight. Locally renowned as the largest spring, the Rinquelle is also among Switzerland’s most substantial karst springs, showcasing its grandeur, especially during periods of snowmelt and high precipitation, producing up to 10 cubic meters per second.

Dynamic Exploration Opportunities for Cave Divers

The Rinquelle’s water production is weather-dependent, emphasizing its responsiveness to climatic conditions. During dry periods or winter when water transforms into snow, the spring experiences reduced production, providing an opportune time for cave divers to delve into the extensive cave system concealed behind its majestic façade.


How deep is Rinquelle Cave?

Rinquelle Cave boasts an extensive 115 ft, and cave divers explore its hidden depths during dry periods or winter when water production is reduced.

What is the water temperature in Rinquelle Cave?

The water in Rinquelle Cave maintains a temperature suitable for exploration, offering a comfortable environment for divers.

Is the water clear in Rinquelle Cave?

Yes, the water in Rinquelle Cave is crystal clear, providing excellent visibility and making it an ideal site for cave exploration.

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