Riwaka Resurgence New Zealand

Embark on the exploration of Riwaka Resurgence, a well-hidden gem conveniently located off the Motueka-Takaka Hill road. A mere 10-minute walk through the native bush picnic area reveals the entrance to this captivating cave.

  • Region: Nelson
  • Coordinates: -41.056, 172.9594
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Preparation for the Journey

Ensure a seamless journey along the narrow and steep path by gearing up at the car park before commencing your adventure. The path, adorned with steps, demands a bit of preparation to fully enjoy the experience that awaits within the cave.

Deceptive Entrance, Vast Depths

The initial appearance of the cave, with its small pool and narrow opening, belies the vastness that lies beneath. Venture beneath the surface, and an expansive landscape illuminated by torchlight unfolds. Divers are guided through a 15-meter journey in a 12-meter deep straight sump, leading to an otherworldly, silent, and chilly underwater world.

A Finless Climb to Unparalleled Adventure

Overcoming shallow rapids, adventurers ascend to the second sump, matching the depth but doubling the length. This leg of the journey offers an unparalleled underground adventure, making the Riwaka Resurgence an enticing destination for those seeking the extraordinary.

Riwaka Resurgence beckons explorers to delve into its mesmerizing depths, providing an unforgettable subterranean experience accessible to all who seek the thrill of underground discovery.


What is Riwaka Resurgence Cave?

Riwaka Resurgence Cave is a captivating underwater cave in New Zealand, renowned for its unique natural beauty.

How do I reach the cave?

Access the cave by taking a short hike from the Riwaka township, following signs to the entrance.

Is diving experience necessary?

Yes, prior diving experience is required due to the cave’s underwater nature and potential challenges.

Are guided tours available?

Yes, guided tours are offered by local operators, ensuring a safe and informative exploration.

What’s special about this cave?

Riwaka Resurgence Cave features crystal-clear water, stunning rock formations, and a serene underwater environment.

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