Rose Creek – McCormick Sink USA

Embark on a journey of discovery as we delve into the remarkable findings from the Dyal and Black Sinks Dye Trace Report of 2003. The spotlight falls on McCormick Sink, an enigmatic natural feature situated amidst wooded surroundings west of Highway 47. This site, with its intriguing connections and intricate cave passages, beckons to be explored.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.05968, -82.6984
  • Depth: 150 ft
  • Remarks: Permit Only
  • Type: Cave, Cavern

Nestled in the heart of wooded property, McCormick Sink is an undeniable gem waiting to be unearthed. Its proximity to the Rose Creek Cave System, merely 0.5 miles to the south, adds an extra layer of mystery to its allure.

Unveiling the Depths

As we descend into the depths of McCormick Sink, a revelation awaits. A small yet significant detail emerges – a silty cave passage stretching over a length of approximately 1000 feet. The depth measures an astonishing 145 feet, a testament to the hidden dimensions of this natural wonder.

A Quest for Connections

Explorers and enthusiasts have tirelessly sought connections within this subterranean labyrinth. Despite their efforts, the elusive link between McCormick Sink and the neighboring Rose Creek Cave System remains unconquered, an enigma that continues to captivate the curious.

Samplers at Depth

Venturing into the depths, samplers tread the path where few have gone before. At a depth of 125 feet, around 300 feet into the cave, these intrepid individuals collect samples that hold the potential to unlock the secrets held within. Their dedication fuels the quest for understanding.


How deep is Rose Creek – McCormick Sink?

The cave reaches a depth of 150 feet.

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