Rose Creek – Sink USA

Picture Rose Creek, a transient stream originating from the Northern Highlands south of Lake City, making its journey from east to west, culminating in an intriguing geological feature known as Rose Creek Swallet. This natural wonder lies beneath the southwest face of the Cody Escarpment, a distinct topographical landmark.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.06931, -82.69639
  • Depth: 165 ft
  • Remarks: Permit Only, Duckweed Sink
  • Type: Cave, Cavern

Rose Creek Swallet and Sink

Rose Creek’s dramatic finale takes place in Columbia City, where it encounters two captivating elements: Rose Creek Swallet and Sink. Rose Creek Swallet stands as a circular feature, approximately 10 feet in diameter, located about 200 feet northeast of Rose Creek Sink. The swallet plunges nearly 50 feet into the earth, offering a glimpse into the cave system’s depths.

The Surface Expressions

The Rose Creek Cave System boasts two distinct surface expressions: Rose Creek Sink and Rose Creek Swallet. These features form the portal to the subterranean journey beneath. They can be found at the intersection of Highways 47 and 240 in Columbia City.

Rose Creek Sink’s Profile

Imagine gazing upon Rose Creek Sink, an almost circular expanse, spanning around 75 feet in diameter. This sink gradually descends from its north end to a maximum depth of 20 feet at the south. On the sink’s western wall, groundwater vents contribute to the flow, channeling water to a depth of 15 feet. An entry point to the cave exists here, marked by a 26-foot-high and 66-foot-wide opening along the southeast wall.

Connecting Tunnels and Tantalizing Pathways

Delve deeper into the cave’s mysteries by exploring the intricate connections between Rose Creek Swallet and Sink. The Swallet Tunnel, a small passageway roughly 10 feet in diameter, links these two elements. It extends for over three hundred feet, with depths averaging around 50 feet. This tunnel acts as a gateway, allowing water to traverse and leaving behind telltale traces of organic debris and sediment.

The Intriguing Chamber Network

As you venture approximately 700 feet downstream from the main entrance, you’ll encounter a series of interconnected circular collapse rooms. These spaces are interlinked by vertically extended joints, forming a labyrinth of captivating formations shaped by the forces of nature.

Rose Creek cave map


How deep is Rose Creek Sink?

Rose Creek Sink Cave reaches a maximum depth of around 165feet

What unique features does Rose Creek Sink Cave have?

Rose Creek Sink Cave features a circular shape, groundwater vents, and a connection to the Rose Creek Cave System.

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