Rose Creek – Swallet USA

Delve into the depths of the Rose Creek Cave System, a captivating geological wonder located in Columbia City, gracefully nestled at the convergence of Highways 47 and 240. As we embark on this subterranean journey, we draw insights from the 2003 Dyal and Black Sinks Dye Trace Report, uncovering the intricate network of sinkholes, swallets, and tunnels that shape this captivating landscape.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.07016, -82.69577
  • Depth: 40 ft
  • Remarks: Permit Only
  • Type: Cave

Rose Creek’s Enigmatic Path

Flowing from east to west, Rose Creek captures the imagination as it weaves its way through the landscape, culminating in the mesmerizing Rose Creek Swallet. Nestled below the southwest facade of the Cody Escarpment, this natural phenomenon witnesses the intermittent stream of Rose Creek disappear into the limestone abyss.

A Dance of Sinks and Swallets

The Rose Creek Cave System reveals its splendor through two surface expressions, each with its own unique character. The circular and approximately 10-feet-wide Rose Creek Swallet stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, lying 200 feet northeast of its companion, Rose Creek Sink. With walls plunging nearly 50 feet into the depths, Rose Creek Swallet captures the upstream flow, playing its role as the cave system’s foremost point.

Discovering the Depths

Venture further into the embrace of Rose Creek Sink, an approximately 75-feet-wide sinkhole that gradually deepens from north to south, revealing a maximum depth of 20 feet. Groundwater vents, nestled within the western sink wall, infuse life into this enchanting realm, contributing their waters from a depth of 15 feet. The entrance, situated along the southeast wall of the sink, welcomes explorers with its 26-feet height and 66-feet width.

Unveiling the Hidden Links

The enchanting saga of Rose Creek Swallet and Sink is bridged by the Swallet Tunnel, a small passageway that intertwines the two. As explorers traverse this 70-foot-long horizontal tunnel, they become part of an age-old connection, a bridge that unites the elements of this underground marvel.

Subterranean Landscape Unveiled

Moving onward, the heart of the cave reveals a series of collapse rooms that form a breathtaking tapestry of circular interconnected chambers. Over 700 feet from the main entrance, the Upstream Feeder emerges, merging its waters with the cave’s essence. These chambers are a testament to the transformative power of water, as solutionally enlarged vertical joints create an awe-inspiring tableau.

A Symphony of Diversity

The Swallet Tunnel, a portal to this netherworld, carries within it a unique ecosystem. Visible bacteria paint a fascinating portrait in the upstream section, reminding us of the complex interactions between life forms within the Earth’s crust. Organic debris, from tree limbs to leaves, forms a rich mosaic, reflecting the diverse influences that converge in this subterranean realm.

The Rose Creek Cave System, a mesmerizing dance of sinks, swallets, and tunnels, invites the intrepid to explore its depths. Rooted in geological history and shrouded in subterranean beauty, this captivating landscape stands as a testament to the ever-evolving canvas of our planet’s story.

Rose Creek - Swallet cave map USA


How deep is Rose Creek Swallet Cave?

Rose Creek Swallet Cave reaches a depth of nearly 40 feet, making it a captivating geological feature.

Where is Rose Creek Swallet Cave located?

Rose Creek Swallet Cave is situated in Columbia City, USA, at the convergence of Highways 47 and 240.

What is the connection between Rose Creek Swallet and Rose Creek Sink?

A small tunnel called the Swallet Tunnel links Rose Creek Swallet and Rose Creek Sink, allowing water to flow between them.

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