Roubidoux Spring USA

Certification Requirements: Roubidoux Spring welcomes certified cavern/cave divers to explore its underwater wonders. Before you dive, make sure you have your cave/cavern certification card with you.

  • Region: Missouri
  • Coordinates: 37.82504, -92.2026
  • Depth: 264 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Check-In Process

  1. Location: Proceed to the 911 Emergency Center situated on the hill adjacent to the fire station.
  2. Presentation: Present your cave/cavern certification card to the officials at the Emergency Center before your dive.
  3. Confirmation: After confirming your certification, you are ready to explore the spring’s depths.

No Fees or Permits

Rest assured, there’s no diving fee or permit required to experience Roubidoux Spring’s underwater marvels.

Post-Dive Check-Out

After your dive, remember to check out with the 911 Emergency Center, ensuring your safe return from the captivating underwater journey.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary diving experience at Roubidoux Spring. Remember to follow the certification presentation process and check-out steps, ensuring a seamless and memorable underwater adventure.


Who can dive at Roubidoux Spring?

Roubidoux Spring is open to properly certified cavern/cave divers.

What’s the certification requirement for diving at Roubidoux Spring?

Divers need to present their cave/cavern certification card to officials at the 911 Emergency Center before diving.

Is there a fee or permit required for diving at Roubidoux Spring?

No, there is no diving fee or permit required for diving at Roubidoux Spring.

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