Running Springs USA

Discover the Beauty of Running Springs, Mayo’s Hidden Paradise

Location and Access

Nestled within the enchanting embrace of the Suwannee River’s northeastern side, Running Springs awaits your discovery. This serene wonderland is situated on private land, just 4.3 miles northeast of the charming town of Mayo. Your journey begins with a scenic drive of 3.3 miles north on SR 51, leading you to the tranquil boat ramp that marks the gateway to Running Springs.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.104394, -83.1158
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A Symphony of Springs

Running Springs presents itself as a pair of distinct spring havens – East Running Springs and West Running Springs. From the base of a magnificent 20 ft high limestone bank on the river’s northeastern side, these springs flow gracefully into existence. An ethereal dance of crystal-clear waters creates a masterpiece that nature herself has composed.

East Running Springs: Nature’s Aquatic Masterpiece

Upon setting foot in the realm of East Running Springs, you’re greeted by a picturesque spring pool, its beauty enhanced by an oblong shape measuring 70 ft north to south and 50 ft east to west. With depths ranging from 2 to 6 ft, the pool’s bottom is adorned with the gentle touch of sand and limestone. The water exudes a mesmerizing bluish hue, while aquatic vegetation is a mere whisper of imagination. Amid portions of sand and limestone, algae offer their artistic touch.

A Journey Within

East Running Springs unveils its mysteries with a short southwestward flowing run, a mere 25 ft in length. This journey culminates in a delicate cascade over a 2 ft high limestone ledge, gracefully merging with the river’s embrace. Delightful rivulets emerge from the base of the high banks, an exquisite dance of water and earth. And just upstream, a fellow spring joins the chorus, its presence marked by a captivating boil along the riverbank, a mere 15 ft from the mouth of East Running Springs. The divers’ tales whisper of an underwater cavern, a hidden link between these aquatic realms.

West Running Springs: Nature’s Hidden Melody

The symphony continues with West Running Springs, a more intimate setting where nature’s hand guides waters on a 150 ft journey. A gentle, southwestward flow meanders under a graceful land bridge, uniting with the river’s flow. Here, the beauty of steep limestone walls and natural limestone bridges tell tales of time and water’s tender caress.

Preserving Paradise

The sanctuary above Running Springs is a testament to nature’s harmony, boasting a rich tapestry of mixed hardwood and pine forest. Adorned with private landscaping aimed at erosion reduction, this high ground cradles the springs in its protective embrace.

Unveiling Hidden Treasures

While the springs remain on private land, access is an evolving tale. Recent changes in ownership have led to the temporary closure of land access, a step taken in honor of the land’s essence. Restoration efforts seek to preserve the innate wonder that surrounds Running Springs, ensuring its magic remains undisturbed for generations to come.

Embark on Your Journey

Running Springs beckons the intrepid traveler to embark on a journey into a world where water and earth harmonize, where secrets lie within the embrace of limestone banks, and where nature’s song finds its voice in crystal-clear waters. Witness the elegance of East Running Springs, the melody of West Running Springs, and the overarching serenity that only Running Springs can bestow. Your escape to Mayo’s hidden paradise begins here.


Where is Running Springs located?

Running Springs is located on private land, 4.3 miles northeast of Mayo, USA.

How do I get to Running Springs?

To reach Running Springs, drive 3.3 miles north on SR 51 from Mayo to the boat ramp.

What makes Running Springs special?

Running Springs features two distinct springs – East Running Springs and West Running Springs – known for their clear waters and unique limestone formations.

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