Ruth Spring USA

Venture into the captivating realm of Ruth Spring, nestled 4 miles northwest of Branford within the SRWMD Troy Spring Conservation Area. Your journey commences from Branford’s Suwannee River bridge. Embark on a westward and northwestward drive for approximately 4.8 miles on US 27. Then, make a northern turn (right) onto CR 425, and continue your drive for 1 mile. Here, an eastward turn (right) into the Troy Spring Conservation Area awaits you. Traverse a dirt road for 1.1 miles, then embark on another dirt road, turning north (left) and journeying 0.1 mile to unveil the spring’s beauty.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.99577, -82.97681
  • Depth: 50 ft
  • Remarks: Sidemount
  • Type: Cave

Revealing Ruth Spring’s Beauty

As you set your sights on Ruth Spring, you’ll be captivated by its pool, measuring 75 feet in diameter from north to south and 51 feet from east to west. The vent rests beneath a limestone ledge on the pool’s west side, with a depth of 5.9 feet. An erosion control wall of wood adorns the western depression side, situated around 3 feet above the spring water level during the visit. The pool’s bottom showcases exposed sand, and limestone graces its perimeter. The water emanates a clear, slightly greenish hue, with a gentle boil near the vent’s vicinity. Minimal aquatic vegetation and algae accentuate the spring’s allure. Embarking on the spring’s journey, a shallow, sand-bottomed spring run meanders approximately 550 feet eastward before merging with the Suwannee River. On the south and west sides, the land elevates steeply, reaching about 20 feet above the lowlands housing the spring and its run. Enveloping both lowlands and neighboring uplands is a lush forested landscape. A dirt access road and a petite parking area on the west side of the spring provide convenient access.

Embracing Nature’s Delight

Utilization: Ruth Spring, also locally known as Sulfur Spring, offers an undeveloped haven that’s open to the public. This pristine gem serves as a cherished local swimming destination, captivating those seeking a natural and refreshing retreat. Notably, while local swimmers have reported a slight hydrogen sulfide odor at times, this wasn’t the case in March 2002.

Discover Ruth Spring’s tranquil embrace within the SRWMD Troy Spring Conservation Area. Immerse yourself in its serene waters, surrounded by the splendor of nature’s untouched beauty. As you relish your time at this local swimming oasis, remember to cherish its pristine and natural essence.

Ruth Spring map


Where is Ruth Spring located?

Ruth Spring is nestled 4 miles northwest of Branford within the SRWMD Troy Spring Conservation Area.

How can I access Ruth Spring?

Starting from Branford’s Suwannee River bridge, take US 27, then CR 425, followed by a dirt road within the Troy Spring Conservation Area.

What’s the spring’s utilization and accessibility?

Ruth Spring is open to the public for swimming, situated in a forested landscape. It’s an undeveloped natural area known for its captivating allure.

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