Ryles Spring USA

Step into the realm of Ryles Spring, a captivating natural wonder nestled in the heart of Florida’s beauty. Derived in part from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66, this guide leads you to the enchanting Ryles Spring through a seamless journey along the Chassahowitzka River.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 28.68692, -82.614166
  • Depth: 20 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type:

Navigating to Ryles Spring

Begin your adventure at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and take a scenic drive south on US 19/98, covering a distance of 5.8 miles. When you spot the intersection, turn right onto CR 480. Drive approximately 1.8 miles westward to arrive at the public boat access area along the Chassahowitzka River.

River Exploration

Launch your boat and set sail down the Chassahowitzka River, a journey of approximately 3.5 miles. Allow the river’s embrace to guide you to the convergence point with Ryle Creek, a tranquil waterway that beckons with its allure.

Discovering Ryles Spring

Embark on a 1.3-mile journey up Ryle Creek, and you’ll unveil the hidden gem of Ryles Spring. Emerging from a small, narrow limestone orifice measuring around 2 feet in diameter, the spring presents a mesmerizing boil over its vent. As you approach, the spring pool, sprawling 40 feet in diameter, unfolds its wonders.

Depths and Features

Dive into the heart of Ryles Spring, where the depth directly over the vent reaches an estimated 20 feet. The surrounding spring pool maintains an average depth of 2-3 feet. In the tranquil waters of March 2003, a slight turbidity and a hue reminiscent of tea add to the mystique of the site.

Ryle Creek’s Journey

Ryles Spring stands as the guardian at the headwaters of Ryle Creek. Meandering northwest for about 1.4 miles, Ryle Creek winds through open brackish and salt marsh landscapes, weaving its way to the lower Chassahowitzka River. As you traverse its path, occasional limestone exposures punctuate the sand and mud-bottomed creek.

A Landscape of Contrast

Ryles Spring occupies a unique ecological juncture. Situated at the boundary between expansive salt marsh and the lush embrace of palm-hardwood-cedar hammock on the western edge of the Chassahowitzka Swamp, it embodies the interplay of diverse ecosystems.

Embarking on the journey to Ryles Spring rewards you with a tapestry of natural marvels. This guide, inspired by the insights from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66, provides a roadmap to the heart of this enchanting landscape, inviting you to immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of Florida’s vibrant ecosystem.


How deep is Ryles Spring Cave?

Ryles Spring Cave has a depth of about 20 feet directly over its vent, while the rest of the spring pool averages 2-3 feet in depth.

Where is Ryles Spring Cave located?

Ryles Spring Cave is situated approximately 1.3 miles up Ryle Creek, near the Chassahowitzka River in Florida, USA.

What unique feature does Ryles Spring Cave offer?

Ryles Spring Cave discharges from a small limestone orifice, measuring around 2 feet in diameter, creating a captivating spring boil over the vent.

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