Sante Fe River Rise USA

Nestled within the scenic O’Leno State Park/River Rise Preserve State Park, the captivating Santa Fe River Rise awaits your discovery. To reach this natural wonder, journey to the junction of US 441/41 and US 27 in High Springs. Head north on US 441/41 for approximately 6 miles until you arrive at the entrance of O’Leno State Park on the right side of the road. At the park entrance, you can obtain directions to the river rise through the park’s internal roads.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.87387, -82.59151
  • Depth: 150 ft
  • Remarks: Permit
  • Type: Cave, Cavern

Unveiling Santa Fe River Rise

Description: Santa Fe River Rise marks the re-emergence of the subterranean Santa Fe River. The spring pool, a substantial expanse, measures 175 feet from east to west and 165 feet from north to south. On the northeast side of the pool, a vertical limestone ledge stands as a distinctive feature. Just south of this ledge, the depth reaches 49 feet. The water’s hue mirrors that of the Santa Fe River, varying between tannic and clear based primarily on rainfall levels. Notably, during the October 2001 visit, no boil was observed. The river flows southward from the vent, mirroring the width (east to west) of the spring pool. A picturesque border of cypress trees graces the pool’s perimeter. While patches of duckweed adorn the pool’s edges, the tannic water conceals aquatic vegetation from view. Downstream, the Santa Fe River encounters water hyacinth, limiting boat access to the rise due to its proliferation. As you venture inland from the river rise, the landscape ascends rapidly to around 8 feet above water level, transitioning into a flat mesic hardwood hammock.

Embracing the Untouched Beauty

Utilization: The Santa Fe River Rise stands as a pristine natural marvel under state ownership. It beckons explorers and nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its unspoiled splendor, offering a glimpse into the captivating forces that shape our world.

Embark on a journey into the heart of O’Leno State Park/River Rise Preserve State Park and encounter the enchantment of Santa Fe River Rise. This hidden gem invites you to unravel the mysteries of the underground river’s re-emergence while basking in the untouched beauty that defines this pristine natural area.


Where is the Santa Fe River Rise Cave located?

The Santa Fe River Rise Cave is located within O’Leno State Park/River Rise Preserve State Park in Florida.

What are the dimensions of the spring pool at Santa Fe River Rise Cave?

The spring pool measures 175 ft east to west and 165 ft north to south.

Can you observe a boil at Santa Fe River Rise Cave?

No, a boil was not observed during visits to Santa Fe River Rise Cave, including in October 2001.

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