Sawdust Spring USA

Location and Features

Natural Surroundings: Nestled within a low area, the Santa Fe River Spring awaits, positioned merely 100 feet from the meandering Santa Fe River.

Dimensions: The spring itself and its accompanying run stretch 40-50 feet wide, and while the run is partially obstructed by logs and aquatic vegetation, its allure remains captivating.

Enchanting Pool: The circular spring pool presents a picture of serenity, featuring a strong and captivating boil emerging above a limestone opening.

Water Clarity and Hue: Gaze into the spring’s depths to witness clear water, adorned with shades of blue or green that shift with the play of light and other environmental nuances.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.84001394, -82.70351021
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Interconnected Cavern Systems

Vast Exploration: The interconnected cavern systems of Ginnie Springs, associated with this spring, have been meticulously mapped, revealing an intricate network spanning an impressive 33,000 feet.

Inviting Water Temperature

A Comfortable Retreat: The spring’s waters hold a welcoming temperature of approximately 72 degrees, inviting you to bask in their soothing embrace.

Hydrological Insights

Dual Watersheds: Hydrological studies have illuminated that the spring’s source lies in the convergence of two expansive watersheds, enveloping an impressive expanse of 300 square miles (Rauch, 2003).

Experience the allure of the Santa Fe River Spring, where nature’s beauty unfolds in its unique dimensions, crystal-clear waters, and interconnected cavern systems. Immerse yourself in its refreshing embrace while pondering the depths of its hydrological connections across vast landscapes.


Where is Sawdust Spring located?

Sawdust Spring is situated about 100 feet from the Santa Fe River.

What are the dimensions of the spring and its run?

The spring and its run are 40-50 feet wide, and the run is partially obstructed by logs and aquatic vegetation.

What’s the water temperature of Sawdust Spring?

The water in Sawdust Spring maintains a comfortable temperature of around 72 degrees.

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