Shangri-La Springs USA

Discover the allure of Shangri-La Springs, tucked near the western bank of Merritts Mill Pond, just 5 miles east of Marianna. To reach this serene destination, embark on a journey by canoe or small boat from the public boat ramp on Hunter Fish Camp Road. Begin from Marianna, heading east on US 90 until you reach the junction with SR 71, about 1.4 miles away. Make a northern turn (left) onto SR 71 and proceed for 1.2 miles until you reach the intersection with CR 164. Here, make an eastern turn (right) onto CR 164, journeying approximately 1.7 miles until you intersect with Hunter Fish Camp Road. Make a southern turn (right) onto Hunter Fish Camp Road and continue for around 0.6 mile until you arrive at the public boat landing. The spring vent is roughly 1.5 miles upstream. As you pass the recreation area buoys, cast your gaze to the left, where you’ll find the spring nestled in a cove next to a lush, vegetated boulder. A collection of metal poles graces the water near the vent. Alternatively, the spring can also be accessed 2,100 feet downstream from Jackson Blue Spring via the Blue Springs Recreation Area boat launch.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.790055, -85.142825
  • Depth: 40 ft
  • Remarks: Merritts Mill Pond
  • Type: Cave, Cavern, OW

Revealing the Enchantment of Shangri-La Springs

Shangri-La Springs rests between a substantial boulder and a 20-foot-high vertical limestone bluff on Merritts Mill Pond’s west side. This captivating spring forms a 40-foot-diameter cove adorned with native aquatic vegetation and minimal algae. The spring’s primary vent reaches a depth of 7 feet and features a sand-bottomed base with exposed limestone. Another vent lies 50 feet eastward within a limestone fissure. The water’s clarity reveals a gentle light blue hue, offering a tranquil sight. Over the vent adjacent to the bluff, an unmistakable boil emerges. In the midst of the mill pond’s open waters, a solitary cypress tree stands proudly, approximately 100 feet southeast of the main vent. The lushness of ferns and other vegetation blankets the bluff face, boulder, and their surroundings. Notably, Merritts Mill Pond, a 5-mile-long impounded spring run, weaves its charm, with various springs contributing along its edges or directly from the pond bottom. Jackson Blue Spring forms the picturesque headwaters of Merritts Mill Pond.

Embracing Natural Beauty and Recreation

Shangri-La Springs exudes a sense of seclusion, nestled between private, forested land on one side and the popular fishing area of Merritts Mill Pond on the other. This tranquil oasis invites explorers to embrace its natural beauty while basking in the serenity that defines this captivating region.


How do I access Shangri-La Springs?

You can access Shangri-La Springs by canoe or small boat from the public boat ramp on Hunter Fish Camp Road, 5 miles east of Marianna.

What’s the size of the spring cove at Shangri-La Springs?

Shangri-La Springs forms a 40 ft diameter spring cove.

Can I find Shangri-La Springs downstream from Jackson Blue Spring?

Yes, Shangri-La Springs is located 2,100 ft downstream from Jackson Blue Spring and can be accessed via the Blue Springs Recreation Area boat launch.

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