Shepherd Spring USA

Embark on an exploration of the captivating Sheppard Spring, situated within the serene St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Journey approximately 22 miles south of Tallahassee to unveil the natural wonders it holds. Starting from the intersection of Capital Circle (US 319) and SR 363 (Woodville Highway), head south for 13.2 miles until you reach US 98. Make a westward turn (right) onto US 98, traveling 3.4 miles to find Wakulla Beach Road. Here, make a southern turn (left) and continue for about 1 mile until you reach the Florida Trail crossing. You’ll find a convenient parking area for the Florida Trail, which provides access to Sheppard Spring.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.125297, -84.285739
  • Depth: 180 ft
  • Remarks: Closed
  • Type: Cave

Exploring the Spring: By Land or Water

Access by Canoe/Kayak: Embark on a waterborne journey by canoe or kayak from Wakulla Beach via Goose Creek Bay to reach the head of Sheppard Spring Creek, leading you to the spring’s enchanting heart.

Access by Hiking: Alternatively, you can venture on foot by hiking the Florida Trail. Begin at the access point on Wakulla Beach Road, where the Florida National Wild and Scenic Trail system offers a spur route leading to Sheppard Spring from the north. As you commence your walk westward along the Florida Trail, prepare for a scenic journey of approximately 3 miles, culminating at the spring’s mesmerizing location.

Unveiling Sheppard Spring’s Beauty

Description: Sheppard Spring’s allure lies within a slightly ovoid pool, spanning 90 feet from east to west and 105 feet from north to south. With a depth of 25 feet near its center, the spring boasts steep, sandy sides. The water mirrors a clear bluish-green hue, complemented by long filamentous algae that blanket the soft sand bottom. A plethora of fallen logs and a layer of detritus grace the pool’s floor. During a November 2002 visit, no boil was observed on the spring’s surface. The spring pool and its run are cocooned by lush vegetation, with the spring run averaging 2 to 3 feet deep and 15 feet wide. As it meanders southward for over a mile, the run converges with Goose Creek Bay, located about 4 miles west of the mouth of the St. Marks River.

Embracing Natural Pristine Beauty

Utilization: Sheppard Spring stands as a pristine jewel within the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Surrounded by the untouched wilderness of Gulf Coastal lowlands, adorned with palms, hardwoods, and pines, it invites explorers to bask in its untouched beauty. An undeveloped and remote sanctuary, Sheppard Spring remains encompassed by the lands of the National Wildlife Refuge.


How can I access Sheppard Spring?

You can access Sheppard Spring by canoeing/kayaking from Wakulla Beach via Goose Creek Bay or by hiking the Florida Trail from Wakulla Beach Road.

What are the dimensions of Sheppard Spring’s pool?

Sheppard Spring’s pool measures 90 ft east to west and 105 ft north to south.

Is Sheppard Spring surrounded by natural wilderness?

Yes, Sheppard Spring is situated within the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, surrounded by pristine Gulf Coastal lowlands.

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