Silver Glen Spring USA

Venture into the enchanting Silver Glen Springs, nestled just 9 miles northwest of Astor. Begin your journey by driving west on State Highway 40 for approximately 8.1 miles from the Astor bridge over the St. Johns River. Then, make a northern turn onto State Highway 19 and continue for 6 miles. Finally, take an eastern turn onto a paved road and proceed for 0.3 miles until you arrive at the captivating spring pool.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.244648, -81.64361
  • Depth: 160 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Unveiling the Beauty of Silver Glen Springs

Description: A semicircular pool, spanning 200 feet in diameter, awaits your discovery. It lies nestled against the backdrop of the Ocala National Forest’s sand hills to the west, surrounded by semi-tropical forest. The springs’ water finds its path eastward, ultimately flowing into Lake George through a run that stretches 200 feet or more in width. As the springs’ essence comes to life, water emerges primarily from two or three solution channels or cavern openings within the pool’s rock-bottom. Notably, the “Natural Well,” a vertical cavity located adjacent to the main pool’s southwest edge, also contributes significantly to the springs’ flow. This convergence of waters leads to a vigorous boil at the pool’s north-central surface. Downstream, sand boils gracefully adorn the spring run, manifesting several hundred feet from the springs’ head. As you explore further, you’ll encounter the intriguing “Natural Well,” a vertical opening about 12 feet in diameter, with reported depths of approximately 39 feet. Adding to the mystique are the substantial snail shell mounds that grace the springs. These mounds are believed to be remnants of an era when indigenous people inhabited the region. The springs’ surroundings have yielded numerous Indian remains and artifacts, fostering a connection to the past.

Embracing Recreational Possibilities

Utilization: Silver Glen Springs offers a privately owned recreational haven, enticing visitors with opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. A nominal fee ensures access to this captivating oasis. Moreover, the “Natural Well” stands as more than just a scenic feature—it reportedly serves as a water source for nearby residences and cabins, bridging the gap between natural wonder and practical utility.

Embark on an exploration of Silver Glen Springs, where nature’s splendor intertwines with historical echoes. As you bask in the serene beauty of the semicircular pool and its surroundings, you’ll witness the harmonious interplay between the springs’ allure and its multifaceted role in the landscape.

Silver Glen Spring map


How do I get to Silver Glen Spring in the USA?

Drive west on State Hwy 40 for 8.1 miles from Astor’s St. Johns River bridge, then turn north onto State Hwy 19 and go 6 miles. Take an east turn onto a paved road and go 0.3 miles to reach the spring pool.

What is the size of the spring pool at Silver Glen Spring?

The spring pool at Silver Glen Spring spans 200 feet in diameter.

Can you swim and snorkel at Silver Glen Spring?

Yes, Silver Glen Spring offers a privately owned recreational facility with swimming and snorkeling options. A fee is charged for use.

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