Source du Doubs France

The Doubs River, stretching 453km, originates from the Source du Doubs, a small karst spring near Mouthe in the western Jura mountains. Despite its considerable length, the river meanders through a mere 72km from source to mouth, intricately shaped by the geological features of the Jura region.

  • Region: Doubs
  • Coordinates: 46.705099, 6.209067
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Nature’s Design: The Unique Path of Doubs River

The river’s journey unfolds in a grand M-shaped course, dictated by the folded limestone terrain of the Jura. The steep valleys, running parallel from northeast to southwest, guide the Doubs River through significant turns, crossing barriers at strategic points such as Saint-Ursanne in Switzerland, Noirefontaine, and Mandeure.

Karst Wonders: Doubs River and Its Hydrological Treasures

As the lifeline of the Jura, the Doubs River lends its name to the Doubs department and acts as the primary drainage for the entire karst area. Numerous karst features, including sinks near Pontarlier and other hydrological specialties, are intricately connected with this remarkable river.

Tranquil Beauty: Source du Doubs

The journey begins at the unassuming Source du Doubs, a shallow karst spring with tranquil beauty near Mouthe. Despite its unimpressive appearance, the water’s striking blue hue adds a touch of enchantment, making it a destination well worth exploring within the captivating realm of the Doubs River.

Tragedy in the Depths: The Source du Doubs Disaster of 2008


What is the water temperature in the cave?

The water temperature in Source du Doubs cave is consistently cool, ranging around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Is there information about water clearness in the cave?

Yes, the water in Source du Doubs cave is known for its remarkable clarity, offering visibility up to impressive depths, creating a captivating underwater experience for divers and explorers.

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