Spring Creek USA

Accessing a Natural Gem

The Spring Creek Springs Group, a hidden treasure surrounded by private lands, beckons exploration via boat access from Apalachee Bay. Located just 7 miles southeast of Crawfordville, Florida, this unique site offers a glimpse into the remarkable geological formations of the region.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.08011, -84.32951
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Navigating to Spring Creek

Embark on a journey by beginning at the intersection of US 319 and US 98 south of Crawfordville. Cross US 98 to CR 375, following a south and generally east direction for about 3.8 miles until you reach the junction with CR 365. Turn south (right) onto CR 365, also known as Spring Creek Road, and continue for 1.5 miles until you reach a privately owned boat ramp at the road’s end. Spring Creek #1 and #2 are situated north of this boat ramp, ready to captivate the curious explorer.

Discovering the Springs

Description: Spring Creek thrives within a tidal marsh characteristic of the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. This coastal region boasts extensive hardwood hammocks and grass-covered sand areas, underlain by limestone that occasionally emerges near the surface. Notably, the Spring Creek Springs Group comprises 14 known springs, each with their own unique features. Most, including Spring Creek No. 1 and Spring Creek No. 2, gracefully flow into the widened mouth of Spring Creek as it meets the Gulf of Mexico. Tidal influences shape their behavior, contributing to their captivating nature. The quaint fishing community of Spring Creek is strategically perched on elevated terrain near several of these springs.

Unveiling Hidden Depths

Diving enthusiasts and explorers speculate about an uncharted cave system within the Spring Creek Springs Group, though it remains unexplored to date. Divers who have ventured into these waters have shared anecdotes of reversed flows at some springs during high tides. For more detailed insights, Lane (2001) provides a valuable resource on these springs.

Spring Creek No. 1 (Main):

This spring features a voluminous boil, emanating from a 30-foot-wide cavern in limestone. Its spring pool spans 153 feet north to south and 150 feet east to west, with a vent depth of 43 feet. Algae and a gentle layer of silt adorn the limestone base. A noticeable drainage pipe discharges directly into the spring pool’s northeast side, adding intrigue to the scene.

Spring Creek No. 2:

Situated midway along a 1,000-foot-long channel that empties into Spring Creek’s east side, Spring Creek No. 2 boasts its own voluminous boil. Its pool spans 150 feet north to south and 120 feet east to west, with a vent depth of 75 feet. The spring’s discharge flows southwest into Spring Creek, with the surrounding landscape showcasing marsh and coastal hardwood-palm hammock.

Utilization and Beyond

Spring Creek and its springs have evolved into cherished fishing destinations, frequented by those seeking the bounties of the sea. Much of the land around the springs is now part of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, contributing to the preservation of this natural treasure. A section, however, is in private hands, linked to the Spring Creek village.

Intrigue and Exploration Await

As the tide shapes these coastal springs, your curiosity is invited to shape your exploration. Dive into the captivating world of the Spring Creek Springs Group, where nature’s wonders unfold in tranquil harmony.


How can I access Spring Creek in the USA?

Spring Creek can be accessed via boat from Apalachee Bay, southeast of Crawfordville.

How many springs are in the Spring Creek Springs Group?

The Spring Creek Springs Group consists of 14 known springs.

Are the springs in Spring Creek influenced by tides?

Yes, the springs in Spring Creek are influenced by tidal movements.

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