Stargate Blue Hole Bahamas

Nestled approximately 500 meters inland from the east coast of South Andros Island, Stargate Blue Hole is a remarkable natural wonder waiting to be explored. Situated on the western side of The Bluff village, this blue hole is part of a significant geological feature that traces its roots to the depths of the ocean.

  • Region: South Andros
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  • Type: Cave

A Geological Marvel: The Slump Fracture Zone

Stargate Blue Hole is not just any ordinary blue hole; it is a part of a major north-south slump fracture zone. This geological feature runs parallel to the underwater escarpment that separates the Great Bahama Bank from the Tongue of the Ocean, an oceanic trench. The creation of this slump fracture zone can be attributed to glacio-eustatic sea level changes and gravitational stresses along the limestone banks.

Entrance and Clarity

The entrance to Stargate Blue Hole opens into a partially roofed-over cavern, featuring a vertical drop of 6 meters to the water level. This unique entrance plays a crucial role in maintaining the water’s clarity by limiting organic input from the surface. As a result, the surface water remains relatively clear, providing an inviting sight for explorers.

Underwater Exploration

Beneath the surface, Stargate Blue Hole reveals its secrets. A vertical shaft plunges to depths exceeding 80 meters, beckoning divers to venture into the unknown. To the north and south, rift-like passages extend into the depths.

  • Northern Passage: A spacious 10-meter wide passage with the roof at -20 meters depth extends for 107 meters, leading to a breakdown choke.
  • Southern Passage: In the southern direction, a similar passage stretches for 100 meters, ending at another choke. However, this choke is passable on the right-hand side at -37 meters, revealing an extremely loose boulder chamber. The chamber eventually chokes again after an additional 30 meters.

Stargate Blue Hole is a testament to the geological wonders that lie beneath the Earth’s surface. With its rich history and unique features, it offers an intriguing journey for divers and explorers seeking to unravel the mysteries hidden beneath South Andros Island. Whether you’re a geology enthusiast or an adventurous diver, Stargate Blue Hole promises an unforgettable experience.

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