Suwanacoochee Cave USA

Are you ready to uncover the secrets of Suwanacoochee Spring? This remarkable spring flows into the Withlacoochee River, adding to the natural beauty of Florida. Here’s your guide to finding this hidden gem:

  1. Starting Point: Begin your journey at the intersection with I-10 northwest of Live Oak.
  2. Heading Northwest: Drive northwest on US 90 for approximately 6 miles until you reach the Suwannee River.
  3. Crossing the River: After crossing the Suwannee River, turn right onto NE Drew Way.
  4. Suwannee River State Park: Follow NE Drew Way to the Suwannee River State Park Picnic Area Annex.
  5. Spring Exploration: From the picnic area, follow the gated track in a southeast direction under the railroad trestle to reach the Suwanacoochee Spring.
  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.38594, -83.172
  • Depth: 125 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Heading: Unveiling Suwanacoochee Spring

Discover the unique features that define Suwanacoochee Spring:

  • Vent and Pool: Suwanacoochee Spring boasts a single vent opening on the west end of a 15 ft diameter pool. The vent extends into the bank to a visible depth of 10 ft.
  • Limestone and Sand: The spring’s surroundings feature exposed limestone around the pool, while the bottom is covered in sand.
  • Water Clarity: The water within the pool is clear, with a greenish tint. Algae thrive on submerged surfaces.
  • Dynamic Water Flow: During April 2002, heavy rains caused the spring to discharge tannic water. It wasn’t until early August 2002 that the water cleared up, although the spring’s flow was minimal by then.
  • Historical Structure: The spring discharges from the base of 25 ft high river banks. Here, you’ll find the remains of a late 1800s rock bath house, once designed for swimming. The aged rock structure features rectangular window openings, reflecting its historical significance.
  • River Banks: Both sides of the Withlacoochee River are lined with high forested banks, characterized by limestone overlain by sand.
  • River Stage: Notably, in August 2002, the adjacent Withlacoochee River was at a historically low stage, standing approximately 2 ft below the spring pool surface.
  • Underwater Connection: Cave divers have reported an intriguing discovery—the underwater cave system connecting Suwanacoochee Spring and Ellaville (Edward’s) Springs extends beneath the Suwannee River bed.

Heading: Historical and Current Usage

Explore the past and present utilization of Suwanacoochee Spring:

  • Historical Bathing: In the 1800s, the spring held historical significance as a bathing spot.
  • Current State: Presently, Suwanacoochee Spring remains undeveloped on state park property.
Suwanacoochee Cave map


Where is Suwanacoochee Cave located?

Suwanacoochee Cave is located near the confluence of the Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers in Florida, USA.

What features make Suwanacoochee Cave unique?

Suwanacoochee Cave is known for its intricate underwater cave system that connects to other springs and its historical rock bath house.

Can visitors explore Suwanacoochee Cave?

No, Suwanacoochee Cave is not open for general public exploration.

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