Suwannee Springs USA

Glimpses from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66 Illuminate Suwannee Springs

Flowing into Tranquility

Suwannee Springs, a captivating natural wonder, graces the banks of the Suwannee River from the southwest, a mere 7.5 miles northeast of Live Oak. Embarking on a journey from the intersection of I-10 and US 129 north of Live Oak, a 4.3-mile drive north on US 129 leads you to the doorstep of enchantment. Upon reaching the solid waste collection site, veer northeast (right) onto old US 129. After a half-mile jaunt, an eastward turn onto a graded road ushers you to the spring’s welcoming parking area.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.39457, -82.934437
  • Depth: 140 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

A Symphony of Springs

Within the embrace of Suwannee Springs, a symphony of at least six springs comes together. These natural treasures find their haven along a sandy stretch, spanning about 100 ft, nestled at the base of a magnificent 35 ft high bank on the south side of the Suwannee River. Notably, the focal point lies within the rock walls of a bath house originating from the late 1800s. This central spring boasts a pool extending 17 ft from north to south and 25 ft from east to west. Near the vent, positioned on the pool’s southern edge, the depth reaches 7.8 ft. Limestone peeks through the vents, while sand adorns a substantial portion of the spring’s pool. As water accumulates behind the rock wall, it cascades through an opening at its base, gracing algae-covered limestone boulders before mingling with the river’s tannic embrace. Abundant algae add to the aquatic tapestry, while a distinct sharp scent of hydrogen sulfide permeates the spring water. Wooden stairs on the east side beckon visitors, leading down from a parking lot into the refreshing spring. Remarkably, the delicate balance of water levels was evident in August 2002, when both the spring and the river’s waters were notably low. Ten feet above the water level, the stairs stood as a testament to this dynamic relationship. Notably, the remains of the old US 90 bridge lie just upstream, harmonizing with the surrounding forest of hardwoods and pines that grace the river’s edge.

Past and Present Harmony

In an era long past, Suwannee Springs played host to bathing rituals, health retreats, and tourist adventures. Presently, this cherished spring resides within the embrace of SRWMD land, offering a haven for public recreation and interpretive experiences. Amidst changing times, Suwannee Springs continues to captivate hearts and inspire exploration.


Where is Suwannee Springs located?

Suwannee Springs can be found on the south side of the Suwannee River, around 7.5 miles northeast of Live Oak.

What makes Suwannee Springs special?

Suwannee Springs boasts a cluster of at least six springs set against a stunning 35 ft high bank along the river. Its historic bath house and vibrant algae-covered limestone boulders add to its allure.

Can the public visit Suwannee Springs?

Yes, Suwannee Springs is open to the public and offers recreational and interpretive areas for everyone to enjoy.

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