Taj Mahal Mexico

The entrance to Taj Mahal, a mesmerizing cenote dive site, awaits on the western side of Highway 307, just five and a half kilometers south of Puerto Adventuras. Although the cave itself is a bit of a trek from the highway, the journey is manageable for rental cars and other vehicles.

  • Region: Quintana Roo
  • Coordinates: 20.48348, -87.27696
  • Depth: 60 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave, Cavern, OW

Main Entrance and Passageways

The primary entrance to this captivating underwater system features a circular cenote. Stairs lead to an island at its center, surrounded by cave passageways that extend in all directions. The primary path, marked by a gold line, is directly opposite the parking area. Taj Mahal offers divers endless possibilities, with numerous routes to explore. You can dive the main line to its conclusion at Cenote Vista Bonita, passing stunning breakdown piles of massive boulders and one of the region’s largest cave rooms. Alternatively, take an offshoot tunnel for a shortcut to Vista Bonita.

The Cavern Tour

Upon returning to the main entrance, recalibrate your dive plan to embark on the captivating cavern tour. This figure-eight-shaped tour line begins to the far left of the stairs and takes you through, or within view of, three separate cavern openings. The tour’s highlight is the incredible mid-day light show.

  • The journey begins in Points of Light, a vast chamber resembling a football field.
  • If you prefer to save the best for last, opt for the right-hand fork in the cavern line, bypassing the breakdown pile at Points of Light.
  • Continuing straight ahead on the tour line leads to the Sugar Bowl, a circular cenote with a 30-foot drop from the jungle to the water.
  • Descend into another large cavern by taking the right-hand fork at the top of the Sugar Bowl breakdown pile. The line goes below the halocline.
  • As you loop around the line, another large cavern opens on your right.
  • The line then ascends the back side of the Sugar Bowl breakdown pile and across the top, offering a moment to surface and savor the view before heading back to Points of Light.
  • Inside Points of Light, take the right-hand fork in the line for a meandering journey through the chamber, passing impressive stalactites and formations.

Awe-Inspiring Phenomena

Timing is key here. When you cross the top of the breakdown pile, witness a breathtaking phenomenon. Three small holes in the chamber’s ceiling allow sunlight to penetrate, creating columns of light that illuminate the rocks and formations below.

Completing the Dive

Following the line’s path will bring you back to the entrance, and you’ll have experienced the wonders of Taj Mahal while making the most of a single set of doubles. Dive into Taj Mahal Cenote for an unforgettable underwater adventure amidst natural beauty and awe-inspiring formations.

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