Tank Cave Australia

Tank Cave derives its name from the historical presence of a water tank situated directly above its entrance. This unique underground system has been a focal point of exploration since the late 1960s, gaining a reputation as a premier cave diving site in South Australia.

  • Region: South Australia
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Windmill Cave, Cave-Under-The-Windmill
  • Type: Cave

Extensive Underground Network

DiveDoc.net provides insights into the marvels of Tank Cave, revealing an extensive system boasting over 7 kilometers of mapped cave passages. This underwater labyrinth stands proudly as one of Australia’s longest submerged cave systems, captivating adventurers and cave diving enthusiasts alike.

A Legacy of Exploration

Tank Cave has evolved from a rumored cave diving site into a celebrated location for cave diving in South Australia. Today, it is recognized by many as the best among the state’s cave diving sites, offering a rich tapestry of underwater wonders for those willing to explore its depths.

Tank Cave beckons the curious and the daring to plunge into its subterranean beauty, where the echoes of exploration resonate through its extensive passages.

Tank Cave map
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