Tir fo Thoinn / Joe’s Cave Ireland

Delve into the depths of marine cave exploration with insights from Fintan Convery’s article in Irish Speleology no14 from May 1991. The article, “Locating Marine Caves Using Geophysical VLF-EM Method,” sheds light on pioneering research conducted as part of an M.Sc. in Applied Geophysics, utilizing Marmaid’s Hole as a test site.

  • Region: Clare
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Mapping Caves from Above: A Groundbreaking Concept

Convery’s research aimed not only to map the cave but to explore the possibility of mapping it from the surface. Results, when compared with cave diver surveys, revealed striking similarities. Particularly intriguing was the mention of a potential extensive system near Boodaun, 150m north of Mermaid’s Hole, suggesting a substantial passage striking inland for at least 125m.

Unexplored Wonders: Joe’s Cave Mystery Unveiled

A peculiar discovery arises when examining the map in “Caves of Co. Clare and South Galway.” Despite the theoretical potential identified by Convery’s research, Joe’s Cave, located at the north end of Boodaun Bay, remains listed as “not explored.” This raises questions about the uncharted territory in an area known for its turbulent sea, violent surf, and constant surge, making it a challenging yet potentially rewarding exploration site.

Embark on a journey through the unexplored, where scientific curiosity meets the mysteries of the underwater realm.

Tir fo Thoinn / Joe's Cave Ireland
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