Trou Madame France

To reach Trou Madame, head north on D24 from Limogne and spot a distance marker post labeled “Limogne 8,” about 1 km from Cenevieres. After passing this sign, take the left track just beyond the marker. Follow the track for approximately 200 meters until you reach a wider section suitable for parking. Be cautious, as the track is narrow and turning may pose challenges.

  • Region: Lot
  • Coordinates: 44.45333, 1.75306
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
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Exploring the Entrance: A Journey Into Trou Madame

From the large entrance of Trou Madame, a spacious stooping-height passage with a sandy floor unfolds. After a brief 50-meter traverse, encounter a 1-meter drop leading to a lake where kitting up takes place. Depending on water levels, a short crawl of 10 to 20 meters may be required before reaching the deeper swimming section. The lake itself can extend up to 50 meters before reaching the point where the passage sumps.

Underwater Passages: Features of Trou Madame

Sump One, characterized by clear water, stands at an impressive 5 meters in height and 10 meters in width. The meandering passages, often devoid of straight sections, lead explorers through intriguing landscapes, occasionally passing large clay banks in certain areas. Dive into the heart of Trou Madame, where the underwater journey unveils the wonders of this unique cave system.

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