Warm Mineral Springs USA

Portions of the enlightening details shared here have been skillfully extracted from the esteemed Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 31. Envision Warm Mineral Spring as a portal to the enigmatic, nestled within the town of North Port, an approximate 11-mile journey east of Venice. A journey fueled by curiosity and scientific intrigue awaits those who seek to explore its depths.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 27.059479, -82.26047
  • Depth: 230 ft
  • Remarks: Closed
  • Type: Cave, Cavern

Navigating the Path to Discovery

For those eager to experience the allure of Warm Mineral Spring, the journey begins with a drive to the intersection of US 41 and River Road west of North Port, southeast of I-75’s River Road exit. A northeast turn onto US 41 leads you 2.5 miles to Ortiz Road. A subsequent northward jaunt of 1.0 mile takes you to The Springs Spa and Resort, your gateway to the scientific marvel that is Warm Mineral Spring.

An In-Depth Glimpse into Warm Mineral Spring

Intriguing in its flat expanse, the vicinity surrounding Warm Mineral Spring rests approximately 10 feet above mean sea level. Sparse vegetation adorns the sandy soil, while limestone gracefully surfaces at the pool’s edge. Flowing southwestward through a 20-foot wide run, the discharge finds its way to Salt Creek, continuing on a journey of about 2 miles until it converges with the Myakka River. The spring’s water, notable for its saline nature, exudes a sulfurous odor and taste. Picture a spring pool boasting a surface diameter of around 250 feet, its water-surface elevation hovering approximately 6 feet above mean sea level. The pool’s bottom slopes gently to a depth of 17 feet, about 40 feet from the shore, after which it plunges dramatically to a debris cone and depths ranging from 124 feet to well over 200 feet below the water’s surface.

The Enigmatic Chamber: A Subterranean Symphony

Prepare to be enthralled by the majesty that resides below the surface. An expansive cave or recessed area, adorned with magnificent stalactites, underscores a 43-foot ledge that gracefully traces the spring’s perimeter. This sprawling 170-foot diameter opening, originating as a sink through the collapse of a cavern within the Tampa Limestone, is the gateway to Warm Mineral Springs’ wonders.

Unveiling Historical and Geological Significance

As you venture deeper, be reminded that Warm Mineral Spring holds within its depths a historical and geological tapestry. Human remains discovered on the 43-foot ledge, radiocarbon age-dated at 10,000 +/- 200 years, stand as a testament to the deep-rooted history that this spring has witnessed. The spring’s varying underwater visibility, shrouded in a unique cloudiness that morphs with the day’s progression, adds an extra layer of mystique. The water’s composition, the presence of sulfur bacteria, and the interplay of sediments contribute to this phenomenon, revealing nature’s intricate dance within the subterranean domain.

A Haven of Recreation and Inquiry

As a privately owned spring, Warm Mineral Spring has been thoughtfully developed into a space that caters to both relaxation and exploration. Landscaping and enhancements have transformed the immediate pool vicinity, crafting inviting beach areas and structurally intriguing buildings. This spring has become a stage for scientific collaboration, uniting the efforts of owners, state authorities, hydrologists, geologists, and historical commissions to uncover its hidden tales.

Warm Mineral Springs cave map USA


Where is Warm Mineral Springs located?

Warm Mineral Springs is located in the town of North Port, approximately 11 miles east of Venice.

How do I get to Warm Mineral Springs?

To reach Warm Mineral Springs, head southeast on River Road from the I-75 River Road exit, then take a northeast turn onto US 41. Travel 2.5 miles to Ortiz Road and continue north for about 1.0 mile to The Springs Spa and Resort.

What are the characteristics of Warm Mineral Springs?

Warm Mineral Springs features a nearly circular spring pool, approximately 250 feet in diameter, with a depth of 17 feet near the shore and depths exceeding 200 feet beyond. The water is saline and carries a sulfurous odor and taste. The spring’s underwater visibility varies due to unique cloudiness, influenced by factors like sediment and sulfur bacteria.

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