Wilson Spring USA

Uncover the enchantment of Wilson Spring, a hidden gem nestled just 3 miles southwest of Fort White, gently flowing into the embrace of Santa Fe River from the east bank. Discover the path to this natural treasure, and witness the captivating spectacle described in the esteemed Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.899917, -82.758514
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Private Property
  • Type: Cave

Finding Your Way to Nature’s Retreat: The Journey to Wilson Spring

Embark on an unforgettable journey from Fort White’s U.S. 27 and Wilson Springs Road junction. Venture west along Wilson Springs Road for approximately 3.8 miles, leading you to the Santa Fe River’s boat ramp. Alongside this road lies the Wilson Spring Run, a testament to the allure that awaits.

Revealing the Splendor of Wilson Spring: A Unique Oasis

Imagine standing before the oval embrace of Wilson Spring’s pool, stretching 108 feet in length and 81 feet in width, cradling depths of 21.7 feet. A spring boil graces its east side, hinting at the likely location of the spring vent beneath. Yet, the mysteries within remain concealed by the deep water’s obscurity. Amidst this aquatic world, traces of limestone surfaces, and a distinct hydrogen sulfide aroma fills the air, adding to the sensory journey.

A Dance with the River: Wilson Spring Run and Santa Fe River

Beyond the spring pool, Wilson Spring Run gracefully weaves a path, flowing approximately 275 feet northward to meet the welcoming waters of the Santa Fe River. The run’s sandy and muddy bottom bears a delicate algal coat, a reflection of its natural charm. This aquatic symphony unfolds amidst privately-owned, densely forested lowlands, enhancing the sense of seclusion.

The Power of Nature’s Flow: Wilson Spring’s Discharge

On September 28, 1997, the measure of nature’s power was revealed – a discharge of 39.0 cubic feet per second, an emblem of the forces at play within Wilson Spring’s heart.


What is Wilson Spring’s Cave in the USA?

Wilson Spring’s Cave is a captivating natural spring located 3 miles southwest of Fort White, flowing into the Santa Fe River from the east bank.

How do I get to Wilson Spring’s Cave?

To reach Wilson Spring’s Cave, take Wilson Springs Road west for about 3.8 miles from the junction of U.S. 27 and Wilson Springs Road in Fort White. The spring run is by the Wilson Spring Road boat ramp.

What can I expect at Wilson Spring’s Cave?

At Wilson Spring’s Cave, you’ll discover an oval spring pool with clear depths and a spring vent likely located on the east side. The run flows into the Santa Fe River, surrounded by forested lowlands.

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