Zarzalones Spain

Embarking on the exploration of GAE Cave is an adventurous feat, involving a challenging 200m walk down a towering 100m cliff. Despite the difficulty, there’s no entrance fee to experience the wonders within. Parking near the site requires access through a private road, emphasizing the need for a key to open the gates.

  • Region: Andalucia
  • Coordinates: 36.71954, -4.92875
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Exploring the First Chambers: Ts and Habitat

The initial 20 meters of the cave boast three Ts, leading to a vast habitat meticulously set up by the dedicated explorers from GAE. While it presents challenges for gear movement, the potential for a remarkable C1 cave experience is evident. The main tunnel, starting from the “Sala GEA” where the habitat resides, descends rapidly to 30m within approximately 100m of cave.

Diverse Circuits: A Range of Underwater Delights

GAE Cave offers a grand underwater spectacle with numerous circuits, both smaller and larger, providing diverse depths and dimensions for enthusiasts to enjoy. Despite the initial hurdles, the underwater marvels of GAE Cave make the journey worthwhile.


How challenging is access to Zarzalones Cave?

Accessing Zarzalones Cave involves a demanding 200m walk down a towering 100m cliff. The adventurous journey is not for the faint of heart.

What is the water temperature inside Zarzalones Cave?

The water inside Zarzalones Cave offers a comfortable temperature for exploration, enhancing the overall underwater experience.

How clear is the water in Zarzalones Cave?

While some sections may pose challenges with clarity, Zarzalones Cave presents a diverse underwater landscape with both smaller and larger circuits to explore.

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